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About Us


Horestco is a manufacturer of premier furniture made with various classic and contemporary materials. As we've all have become more mindful of our planet, a product’s life cycle, and our role between the two, Horestco has inevitably experienced a shift towards sustainable production. From greater supply chain transparency and local, ethical sourcing to the use of upcycled parts and Ecofriendly materials, you could say we are in the middle of an Eco-rejuvenation.

We specialize in manufacturing genuine high quality and heavy-duty  wooden and rattan furniture as well as innovative and contemporary stainless steel and synthetic wicker furniture.  With Kaizen, the Japanase philosophy of constant improvement as a guiding force, we continuously improve our products and services with feedback from our clients. Nothing motivates us more than watching people happily using our furniture for years.
Maintaining high standards of production practices, we aspire to serve you a variety of Eco-Friendly products with  variety choices, designs and materials to choose from.